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Walnuts contain high amounts of serotonin, which your brain needs to feel calm and happy. Low levels of zinc can lead to depression. Lift yours with seafood, meat and nuts. Add mushrooms to your salads or roast them. They contain happiness-boosting selenium and magnesium. Apricots are packed with vitamin B6, which has been found to reduce depression in people 65 years and older.

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The Mediterranean way of eating provides high levels of the protein BDNF, a lack of which can cause depression. Researchers found participating in team sports leads to better mental health than exercising alone.

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Vitamin B12 — found in seafood, beef, chicken and dairy — can alleviate depression. We spend up to 70 per cent of our day sitting. A Texas State University study found strong evidence to support the benefits of office plants in reducing stress and negative mood states. A Spanish study found higher earnings improve happiness at work, especially if you earn more than your colleagues. The same study found that centenarians were happy when sharing their memories of the olden days.

Time to pop the question? Married people with children are happier than unwed parents, researchers from the University of Glasgow say. If your group of friends are generally a cheery bunch, researchers say odds are that their smiles are infectious. Exercise has been proven to help overcome depression, Shawn Achor says in his book The Happiness Advantage. Looking forward to a comedy show or a funny movie can increase your happy hormones by 27 per cent.

Knit that jumper or embroider that pillow. Artistic tasks can give you satisfaction, but only if you finish the job. Keep a journal of your happy thoughts, then share it with others to boost your level of enjoyment even more. Body and Soul. Whimn BodyandSoul. Enjoy the sunshine About one-third of Australians lack vitamin D , which can cause depression.

My own experience has been bad enough, but I read the same story and worse online each day. The pain, confusion and desperation are always fresh, even though repeated hundreds of times in forum after forum. Seeing what the reality has been for my wife and children in those dark periods makes it so much more urgent that I get to the bottom of what I have done. Only in that way can I break the forces of mind and feeling underlying my hurtful words and actions. What was I thinking and feeling when I was isolating myself from my family emotionally, if not actually leaving?

What was changing deep down? Recovery depends on alertness and action every day. Image Credit: Some Rights Reserved by lepiaf. Read below or add a comment I know a lot of these comments have been from a very long time ago but I wanted to share my story and see if anyone can give me any advice or input.

What does depression feel like? You might be surprised.

He was my everything, he made me so happy and there was this huge connection, every time he looked at me or the way he kissed me, the way we carried on and he picked me up in his arms just made it seem like a fairy tale. In March he ended up increasing his dose for medication because me and his mother told him he needed too, we both could see the change in him and she said he needed to do it for the sake of the 3 people that matter the most me, her and his sister.

When I fought to stay and not leave it just increased the tension and things got really bad till I finally left for a night, when I left he apologized and told me he loved me and that he just needed time to himself, the very next morning he showed up. Am I not good enough? Fast forward to a couple weeks later, everything is good again and he has become the most affectionate and loving boyfriend as he usually was.

Was it another girl?

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Was it depression like he claimed? I wanted to die, I wanted to run, I wanted to be with him and I never wanted to leave. He told me that I was perfect and he wishes he could give me the world. Over a week ago, the girl that he use to talk too, he went and liked her picture on Instagram and he knew I would see it because before all of this, she started to follow me and him.

Despite all of this, I deleted him off Facebook but I still do have him on Instagram and Snapchat and he still has our photos there. Is there anything I can do? How do you go from kissing me that morning to this? These stories sound just like my own. I was with an amazing man; kind, compassionate, thoughtful, emotional.

We were having our first baby together and were engaged. Then he started acting strange. Panicking about us getting married, my divorce from my ex-husband, he started smoking again which sent my pregnancy brain into overdrive. He went back to the US so I could sort his visa so he could live in the UK and do his degree what he wanted to do. He started pulling away. Wanted to do a vow of silence for a month. Five days before he broke up with me he said that I wanted someone else, which I denied. He said in the same conversation that he wanted us to grow old together.

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Then I got angry a couple of days later coz he refused to talk about coming to the UK. Then he called me and broke up with me. That he would never leave the US again. Wanted us to be friends. We now have no contact. Depression is so awful and it rips families apart. Women play this game, too. We can be the strong and silent type. And for those of us who have already abandoned nurturing, affection, vulnerability, and other other so-called womanly traits as signs of weakness, why not.

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The glass ceiling of depression has given way and all are welcome. My boyfriend of 7 months dropped me last night.

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As if our relationship meant nothing. Now I know that by comparison to many of you on here that have had years of investment in your relationship, let me give you a little background. I am a widow of five years. Very young widow. My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly leaving me to build the pieces back one brick at time.

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I was alone, scared, sad and unsure. Fast forward a couple of years. I dedicated myself to therapy, yoga, mindful meditation, reading, support groups, you name it. I did it. Then I met my fellow a few months ago through an online social group platform. We met, hit it off immediately and quickly became friends.