2052 Prophecies: The Last 40 Years

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Take homeownership, which has long been the primary means by which Americans of modest and middle-class income are able to build generational wealth.

So black Americans started off generations behind, only to encounter the redlining and racially restrictive housing covenants of the early-to-middle 20th century, which prevented the sale of many homes to black Americans, and isolated them together in communities that lost value as white residents fled to the suburbs. Programs such as the GI bill , which offered returning WWII veterans generous lending terms to buy houses, helped turn the US into a home-owning middle class society — from which black Americans were functionally excluded. In his book When Affirmative Action was White , Ira Katznelson notes that of the first 67, mortgages insured by the GI Bill, fewer than were taken out by non-white people.

Recent economic crises have widened this wealth gap, according to the report, as communities of colour took the brunt of the economic hit. Black median wealth has never recovered from the recession , nor Latino median wealth from the financial collapse. White median wealth, on the other hand, was left unaffected in , and began rebounding just two years after the speculative housing bubble began to implode.

One of the things Asante-Muhammad and his co-authors found extremely important was focusing on inequality of wealth as opposed to income, because they felt it was a more accurate test of middle-class status. We need to make sure, for the first time, that we are investing in a middle class that includes communities of colour.

Despite all the institutional and historical barriers, Hamilton remains determined to make the lift — even if those investments never come. I dare not be selfish and not pass this knowledge down to my kids — ones who I know have a chance. She hopes to pass more than simply knowledge down, and is on track to come up with a down payment for a modest home by late This is yours.

What Will Life Be Like in 2050?

It is no coincidence that Nostradamus published his work in years ahead of he could have published years before. WW3 Islam against Christianity from on.

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  • Median wealth of black Americans 'will fall to zero by 2053', warns new report?

The duration of the Christian-Islamic war can also be derived from other quotes:. Present sieges: Aleppo in Syria has been sieged since 3 rd year. The longest siege in the past century was Sarajevo : 4 years. Only big cities with at least a half million inhabitants can withstand sieges well. Preppers adhere to the fixed idea that you are always better in the country than in towns, but this is hardly true. Eventually both meet in Southern France.

Which countries will suffer most? Nostradamus understood the year influence of this solar eclipse: this dividing line will remain a strong barrier into the s, also for war-related events. This line in the sand should hardly be crossed. The Islam conquers the Southern Europa below the central eclipse path, while Northern Europe does much better.

Note that the eclipse path aligns roughly with the Northern border of the IS caliphate map. But he also had 3 triple attack code in his birthdate. At UT the eclipse was near Istanbul , which was shattered by a huge earthquake with a death toll of , only 6 days after the eclipse — which confirms the geopolitical epicenter during the 40 years of testing. Eventually the first phases of the war will cost the lives of millions of people , e. Verse warns:. From Monaco to near Sicily the entire coast will remain desolated: There will remain there no suburb, city or town not pillaged and robbed by the Barbarians.

It goes without saying that his focus on Southern France by no means implies that in the rest of the world nothing happens. Unfortunately, very little is known about the rest of the planet, apart from the Middle East , which is well covered by the Holy Bible. The rulership is crystal-clear:. Emporer Henric slowly defeats the invaders from about on. According to a kinesological muscle-test he is only 10 years old at present birth in October ?

Example: Caesar was already a field commander at the age of I keep the outlook rather brief here, Nostradamus mentions many more details about the early stages of WW3. The purpose of the crash phase is to destroy the entire lifework, as a preparation for the next incarnation.

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Israel: fall after December ? This will be preceded by a solar eclipse more dark and gloomy than any since the creation of the world, except that after the death and passion of Jesus Christ. In the spring there will be omens, and thereafter extreme changes, reversals of realms and mighty earthquakes. These will be accompanied by the procreation of the new Babylon, miserable daughter enlarged by the abomination of the first holocaust.

It will exist for only 73 years and 7 months. Different interpretations are offered for this implicit timing of 73 years 7 months , especially taking it for the Soviet Union existing from November through June Parallel encryptions are one of USPs of the King of the prophets of the modern era. The precise month for the fall of Israel is the best corroboration for the assumption that around all hell will be breaking loose. Needless to say, the fall of Israel is also the main event in the prophecies of the Holy Bible. Return of Nibiru Planet X or 9 ? Nostradamus mentions Nibiru many times in his end times verses, under different names: comet, bearded star, great one, large stark, second sun, monster in the sky, brother of the moon… Nibiru planet X or 9 is a brown dwarf with an orbital period of years long ago, which has been reduced somewhat meanwhile, to about years.

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The last return some time in the period B. Sometime before B. At this time I still was clueless as to what is really going on. The reason needs no comment: Nibiru is by far the most important single event for the fate of humanity in thousands of years. Out of the hundreds of pages dedicated to this topic I am aware of only one! James McCanney. Unfortunately his site is a terrible mess, so I recommend his book to begin with Link. The reality is that it will be visible with the naked eye in the years before perihelion, for these 2 reasons:. Based on these discoveries the US mathematician R.

However, his calculations are not totally correct because he assumes a perihelion of 3.

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The closer it gets, the less accurate the calculations get: the longer the comet tail is, the larger the braking effect. The main reason for change is that the approach of Nibiru discharges the load of the solar capacitor that has built up over the past millennia: comet plasma discharge model by Prof. Other signs pointing to late There is a lot pointing to late through mid, especially late Outlook Reason: investments depend so much more on long-term expectation than consumptions. Please confirm our data privacy declaration to continue! How many hours do you spend with the markets per week?

Professor who predicted last 9 presidential elections on how impeachment will impact 2020

View details. Bitte JavaScript aktivieren! Prophecies 2: Nostradamus, King of the Prophets The first part of an article series on the topic of prophecies published in June was dedicated to the future from the highest possible meta perspective: the coming millennium. Only this personal contact allowed decoding of a lot of Nostradamus writings.

Nevertheless, time is not mature yet to reveal the identity of this person.

Engendering through Re-imagining the Present

King of the Prophets : The scope of his statements is unprecedented. In he already labeled as a major European crisis year, especially for Poland: as a matter of fact, WW2 began in with the German invasion in Poland Link. Around the French physician Dr. Max de Fontbrune was enlightened during the most enlightening age of In he published a book with many details on the coming WW2.

There are very few other prophecies with a similar content. This is still a very long path.