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Library Branches

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Valerie Clark

October 12, Retrieved May 18, April 9, Retrieved November 21, The Jewish Daily Forward. Retrieved November 30, The Washington Post. The Huffington Post. Associated Press. In Required Reading , Valerie and another fellow deputy were seen exiting their vehicles and walking onto the lacrosse field, where they found eight large holes dug into the ground, though they were not aware that this was part of the Dread Doctors ' process to turn teenagers into Chimeras. The next day, Valerie stopped by Beacon Hills High School to pick up her younger sister Hayden Romero from school, where she pulled out a bottle of Hayden's mycophenolate an anti-rejection medication she takes due to a kidney transplant she had years earlier and informed her that she had nearly washed it in the laundry because she accidentally left it in her jeans' pocket.

Valerie Clark

Liam sheepishly walked away, after which point Valerie asked Hayden if the boy was Liam before remarking that he "got cute. In Strange Frequencies , Hayden lied and told Valerie that she was spending the night at a friend's house to cover up the fact that she was going into hiding to prevent the Dread Doctors from capturing her after she learned she had been turned into a Werewolf - Werejaguar Chimera.

That night, Valerie was in the middle of working a double-shift anyway, and was seen creating a "Missing Person" report for Josh Diaz , though, unbeknownst to Clark, Josh was already dead, as he had been killed the previous night by Theo Raeken due to the fact that he had lost control over his Chimera powers and had attacked Stiles Stilinski. Clark turned on her cruiser's lights and siren before pulling over to check on her.

When she asked Kira if she was okay, Kira explained that she came out to the road because something had happened to her there and she needed to remember something.

GLMM → •3 Brothers & 1 Sister• [Gacha life]

After convincing her to get in the patrol car, Clark quickly took advantage of Kira's distracted state to handcuff her to a bar in the backseat of the cruiser before using her police radio to inform the station that she had the suspect in custody. Upon her return to the Beacon County Sheriff's Station , she locked Kira up to the bench in the station. Clark then began examining the murder weapon, which was Kira's bloody sword-belt. When Sheriff Stilinski came in and saw Kira gingerly rubbing her sore wrist, he demanded that the cuffs be taken off of her because he believed that if Kira was truly involved, it was purely self-defense.

Some time later, Clark entered the Sheriff's office to inform him about the prank call that they had received the other night, which she had investigated at his request. She went on to explain that she was going to file the report until she saw the names of those who had used their library key-cards to enter the library around the time the prank call was made-- Theo Raeken and Stiles Stilinski , concerning the Sheriff greatly for obvious reasons.

With the body of the newest deceased Chimera the unnamed female who Kira killed in a trance-like state being held in the morgue at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital , the Sheriff assigned all of his deputies to act as guards throughout the hospital in order to both protect the body as well as to better identify the person who has been stealing them.

Among those standing watch is Clark, who was given the position directly in front of the doors to the morgue while holding a shotgun. Suddenly, the hospital began to become incredibly hot, leading the Sheriff to ask Clark to go check on the air conditioning. As she prepared to do as she was asked, the pipes began to rattle as the water inside of them began to boil and turn into steam, causing the emergency sprinkler system to go off, though it released steam as well.

The thief who had been stealing the bodies then took out each deputy one by one, incapacitating Clark without alerting her to his identity before stealing the body of the female teenage Chimera. Each of them have been given an Dissociative Experiences Questionnaire, the questions are very specific, asking things such as.

As Dpt. Clark reads this, she notices that her sister Hayden Romero is on the list, she is not pleased by this. In Status Asthmaticus , Clark along with several other deputies are chasing down a large bi-pedal animal. They describe it as loping and too big to be human, according to Clark, it began running on two feet but then got back on all fours and began running towards Beacon Hills High School.

As Clark radios-in, she tells them that the creature is in her rear view mirror, it then comes towards her and forces Clark to crash her patrol car. Sheriff Stilinski and Clark meet up at the school, she apologizes for crashing the car but Stilinski isn't concerned with it, he says insurance will cover it.

Clark then says she wonders how much insurance the school has because whatever it was that she was chasing destroyed the school, the BHHS sign is in the hallway and there is a gaping hole in the ceiling. In The Last Chimera , Deputy Clark receives a call from Parrish while at station station , he tells her that he can't explain how he knows but he knows that Lydia Martin is missing.

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Clark then informs him that he's missing and that the deputies are really confused by his behavior, herself included, she says this while looking at the pried open jail cell bars. Parrish explains he he knows his recent behavior has been strange and he'll try to explain it later but at the moment, he needs every available deputy out looking for Lydia.

She explains that no one is available, the Beacon Hills High School sign somehow ended up in the hallway, the library is destroyed, there might be a prehistoric animal running around Beacon Hills and all this is leading her to consider for a transfer. He tells her that he'll explain what he can later but now he has to find Lydia. Clark leaves the station and gets into a Beacon County Sheriff's vehicle. Are you telling all? I settled myself in for a long night of confessions and all I get is this?

Cuixtli hesitates out of confusion. He is afraid to say the wrong thing. You should have treated them like a precious necklace, but you deserted them. He tries to defend himself.

I gave them food and shelter. And then your wife died, and your son learned to be worse than you. If Cuixtli breaths he will burst into tears so he holds his breath. Third sister coaxes. Be honest. And what of your brother? Third Sister floats closer toward him and whispers in his ear.


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He studders. I judged his intentions. He collapses on the ground again. He buries his face in dirt.

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  4. Third Sister floats back to her sisters and takes her place between second sister and fourth sister. You offer your misdeeds. And behold your penance. When it is the feast day of the Ixcuiname, you shall fast four days. You shall starve your entrails, parch your lips.