Cupids Island #3: Hard Gay

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Paranormal Erotica: Cupid's Island Collection 1

Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Erotic Fiction. Free delivery worldwide. Description The following are concise descriptions. If you are interested in only one title, or a group of titles, please check the individual listings or search 'Cupid's Island: The Collection Dick Powers' for more information samples available at some e-stores. Bent cop Brent gives Joe the frisk down with Tim coming in on the action half way through.

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Cupid's Island 2: Bar Humping. Larry meets up for the best sex of his life with the handsome daredevil Ace and the skinny and annoying, yet cute, Tim. Cupid's Island 3: Hard Gay. Terry gets hard gay on a naughty boy, who thinks he had Terry down and out. He's in for a big surprise as Terry unleashes the tiger on him - full force!

Cupid's Island 4: Easy Lay. Bob thinks he can pimp Terry. That's a bad way to think when the man and his anger are watching from the door.

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Two men learn their lessons the hard way. Cupid's Island 5: Stalker The stalker has come, but this time it's him getting the punishment. Cupid's Island 6: Revenge Orgy Sex on tape turns to an all out bar orgy.


Cupid's Island 7: Sexy Meeting Larry settles up his 'beef' with Ace on the roof under the light of the stars. Cupid's Island 8: Pack Sex Tim is packed sexed by a group of horny men in the showers, learning about himself and his life in the process. Dinner for two turns into a sky mask gang bang with lusty men in attendance.

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Hard Gay XXX #3: Personal Trainer VS Customer's Husband by Dick Powers

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Cupids Island #3: Hard Gay

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