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Don Johnston. Webinars Summits. Search for:. Program Components All of the Readtopia resources are available online to subscribers including ongoing releases. Integrated lessons guide the highest quality instruction Integrated Thematic Units are the glue that holds the teacher and classroom together. Differentiated to meet the widest range of learners With graphic novels and literature at seven levels, you get the resources to meet student needs from non-readers to paragraph readers.

Rooted in experiential learning Each Thematic Unit is anchored by video captured by the Readtopia team in their travels throughout the world. Built-in Assessment for Growth Student response to instruction is assessed several times during each Thematic Unit. Readtopia Educators Say. Try For Free.

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  • October 30, 2016 – Deliver Us from “Me-Ville” – Luke 18:9-14!

Individual Educator. FAQs What grade levels does Readtopia support?

Deliver Us From Me- Ville Paperback

Readtopia supports students in middle and high school, as well as students in transitional programs. We have seen success with fourth and fifth grade students, but the content should be reviewed to ensure it is appropriate for your students. How does Readtopia fit into my day?

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  6. Each lesson requires about 30 minutes, so the suggested three daily lessons can be delivered at various times throughout the day e. Its flexibility supports a busy daily schedule! Readtopia was built for a 90 minute literacy period, but if that is not feasible in your specific circumstances, fewer lessons can be taught each day without compromising the effectiveness of the curriculum. Most teachers, however, have found creative strategies for maintaining the 90 minute schedule.

    How does Readtopia differ from existing reading programs? Instructional components deliver standards with integrity to the widest range of learners. Clear and comprehensive instructions help ensure teachers have the resources they need to engage students and deliver the content for each lesson. Tip sheets offer guidance to classroom aides and paras on subjects such as how to support students using AAC devices , and using effective instructional strategies to support students at various ability levels.

    Authentic literature is used as the anchor reading book for each Readtopia unit. They feature age respectful images that support the text and allow students to move up to the next level at any time.

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    Videos are used to build background knowledge, introduce new vocabulary and build a mental model for new concepts and content. This experiential learning approach brings students right into the action! There are videos included with each unit. Leveled i nformational text cover ten different text types which cover basic core science and social studies concepts. P honics, word study and sight word s are built through book-specific and general phonics lessons.

    1. Arthur Quinn and the Fenris Wolf (Father of Lies Chronicles).
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    5. Hyperrhiz 06.
    6. Getting Hungry?.
    7. The Chinese in Silicon Valley: Globalization, Social Networks, and Ethnic Identity (Pacific Formations: Global Relations in Asian and Pacific Perspectives).
    8. Classroom Support Tools include content specific assessments and tools that monitor progress. These allow teachers to easily adjust their instruction on the fly. The Adult Tip Sheets provides support for all of the adults within the classroom. What criteria are used? We have a simple online tool that guides teachers toward the most appropriate beginning reading level for their students. Students often finish each unit at a higher level than they could access successfully at the beginning of the unit.

      When it comes to leveling the text, we started with the specific authoring criteria that was developed by Start-to-Finish. Then, we extended the criteria in order to reach the transitional and emergent levels in Readtopia. What does assessment look like and what detailed data does it provide? The literature books include modified MAZE assessments after every third chapter. MAZE, a well-accepted approach to progress monitoring, is particularly important in Readtopia because it is accessible to a wide range of students, including those who cannot read orally or whose speech is difficult to understand.

      Vocabulary quizzes allow teachers to assess whether or not students are learning the content vocabulary taught in each unit.