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Through not much more than their words and thoughts, the author creates a powerful story about the results of combat. Hasford wrote this semi-autobiographical novel about his experiences in Vietnam and intended it to be a trilogy of Vietnam war books.

Memories of World War II

His death shortly after the publication of the second novel prevented these plans from coming to fruition. Often compared to Joseph Conrad and Ernest Hemingway, and largely considered one of the best Vietnam novels, Stone focuses on two characters, one of whom is a sailor traveling home from Vietnam. The other is a war correspondent. Both suffer greatly throughout the novel.

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Covering World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War, this book does an exceptional job illuminating the psychological aspects of wartime on those who do the killing. Despite how one may feel about the war, the universal themes Bourke exposes re: the attempts of soldiers to cope with combat, are themes that many can relate to. Not a single punch is pulled in this history of the Vietnam War, which is based on first-person interviews and classified documents. American soldiers in Vietnam had many obstacles and Black American soldiers in Vietnam had even more. This is one of the Vietnam war books that covers the basics in great detail, like the fact that black soldiers made up nearly one-quarter of the fatalities in the first few years of the war, and the discrimination they faced in decorations, duty assignments, and promotions.

This is an oral history of what it was like for a black man to serve his country in Vietnam, and his experiences coming home.

Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II

Authored by journalist Frances FitzGerald, this account of Vietnam, its history, and the effects of its war with the United States was on the bestseller list for more than ten weeks. Considered the first major book on the Vietnam War written by an American, it highlighted how little the United States knew about the country, its leaders, and its culture before invading.

The story of Hayslip, who grew up in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, is intense, intimate, and ultimately human. This is a story of heartbreak and the search for the will to survive and is one of the most recommend Vietnam memoirs. The famous Pentagon Papers included classified documents about U.

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Edited by a respected Vietnam historian, this edition includes a relatively brief and manageable taste of the most telling documents. The family emigrates to the U. This inspirational story is equal parts angering and enlightening. Published in , it details the way the U.

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  7. He makes a strong case for the idea that bureaucratic considerations were more important to lawmakers than ideological or common-sense considerations. The author spent ten years in Vietnam, starting in when he went there as a freelancer, and stayed through the fall of Saigon in This Vietnam memoir includes exciting tales, close calls, and battle memories. At its core though, it focuses on the story of the soldiers who fought and died, as well as the reporters and photographers who went with them. Widely considered to be not only one of the best Vietnam war books, but one of the best Vietnam memoirs from a female veteran, Van Devanter does not shy away from vivid descriptions of the wounded and dying men she encountered as a nurse at the 71 st Evacuation Hospital from to The book covers her challenges both in war and in coming home, and her eventual founding of the Women Veterans Project at Vietnam Veterans of America.

    Before being killed in Vietnam in , he wrote eight books that many claim are some of the best history books about the French War and the beginnings of the Vietnam War. The work also included a damning warning about what the U. Compulsory education for all children in this country was still quite a new concept in Until then parents were expected to contribute to the cost, if they could afford it. The school leaving age was raised to 12 in and to 14 a year later. However, boys of 12 and 13 could be, and were, exempted from school for periods of time to work on farms.

    Those who thought educating the working classes was a waste of time, lobbied for child labour to be made available not just for farm work but for other industries operating in St Albans.

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    Educationalists meanwhile argued for keeping boys at school until the age of 14 but at the same time training them for industrial work. In October , Hertfordshire County Council, the local education authority for the city, considered evidence showing that St Albans children were being exempted wholesale for non-agricultural employment.

    In his book, Hertfordshire Children in War and Peace , David Parker cited St Albans boys under 14 working in a boot factory, silk mill, brush works, shops and as odd-job hands at Mill Hill public school. Local Education Committee minutes indicate that over a quarter of boys in the year age group, in St Albans, were exempted from school for periods from three to 12 months at this time.

    A Young Girl’s Memories of World War II

    Children were cheap to employ, earning half or even less than a man. In , an adult agricultural labourer earned 15 shillings a week. Boys working on farms were paid 6 shillings a week or less. In addition, those children actually attending school full-time were regularly employed to work before and after the school day. It seems that there was little control over this until byelaws were introduced in St Albans in late One wonders how many hours children worked and at what age as the new byelaws prohibited the employment of children under 10 and restricted the number of hours they could be employed to four and a half hours a day in winter and five and a half in summer.

    It appears that few girls were exempted from school, tending to leave the moment they turned And there were expanding work opportunities for them in this period, including at E.