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The same thing happens in Manchester , Munich , Madrid , or Montenegro. I got scammed same way at Stansted. The problem is that the car hire business is captive and lends itself to this kind of extortion, and particularly by the lesser-known names and the "cheapest" offers.

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The majors have a reputation to protect and rarely engage in this sort if thing. They are rarely the "cheapest" though. Too many horror stories about car hire rip offs for my liking, I always used to hire a car when in Mallorca but not any more. I just order online for a taxi transfer and use buses or taxis for any journeys when I'm there, you can get a lot of taxis for the overall price of hiring a car plus you can enjoy a glass or two of wine if you're not driving. We're over in Mallorca for a long weekend next week, it works out cheaper to do it this way rather than hire a car and I won't be worrying about damage and parking problems as well.

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Well I can't agree that it works out cheaper when you are short stay Markpool. See my recent posts on the other Record thread. We just drove to the hotel, a quick spin around the resort, and back to the airport.

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I had the choice of Fiesta, Corsa, or Hyundai. I went straight to the front of the queue, and was walking away with the keys as my missus was walking back with the cases off the conveyor. I'm not sure how that system works yet,I would expect people think you are pushing in but I will certainly be asking about it in future. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.

Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. Car rental, Warning Record Go. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination.

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Palma de Mallorca forums. All forums. Erik D. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in Palma de Mallorca? If you broke down due to their shoddy cars they expect you to pick up the tab. Record Go? Rubbish and Renting pieces of junk. Luckily we only rented for a day, otherwise we would also have been slapped with the 90 euro fuel bill.

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But the car was filthy, dented. The brakes made noise. Luckily I took pictures of all dents and scratches before I took the car out, they saw what I did and knew they could not rip me off.


I made notes of all that was missing, like the cigarette lighter, and boot flap, and the noisy brakes. I rented with Sixt and Auriga Crown before and they were miles better. These companies are reputable and was willing to upgrade us to a bigger car , FREE of charge.

No go for me again, I'm afraid. We hired record car through DoYouSpain, Car broke down, had keep on ringing record to replace. Spent 22euros on calls. No car for 48 hours, no refund and no replies to 3 emails to record and 2 to doyouspain, Avoid both. Never ever again I had rented car for two weeks with RecordGo. Pickup and check-in in Alicante. I had received almost new Citroen C3, diesel, as requested. Staff was nice as I was nice to them. I chose to buy full insurance - I had different experiences with scratches and other misfortunes before and such insurance always solves all.

Fuel had been tanked, I paid, left remains for like 90km.

Car was simply economical ; Having experiences with all other rental companies, I cannot say bad word for RecordGo in Alicante. Car pickup - smooth, leave- smooth.

Car cleaness and reliability - full. As my fiends had came some 5 days after me and one of them was to be second driver, we signed documents upon their arrival. Employee had asked us if we rae aware that we need to pay for this. Sure- we knew it. We filled documents, gave credit card. As nice gesture - clerck of RecordGo had returned it and had said, that this time it will be free service ;. I think all experiences with car rentals just depend how do we, as customers behave towns employees. If we are nice, prepared for rental - I mean, knowing rules, then usually everything works fine.

Next year, for holiday, I choose RecordGo.. I cannot see reasons for overpaying in other companies. I now do machine learning. I do not see any parallel for dairy farmers. Do they grow something different, convert their fields into a casino? I have no idea how a dairy farmer adapts. That is a bad analogy in my opinion. This article mentions nothing that makes sense.

US farmers could not sell to Canada to begin with so how on earth do steel tariffs affect milk sales. I know you don't like tariffs but don't blame steel tariffs on milk sales to Canada where they were not selling to begin with.

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All this sounds like is complete mismanagement of production and the arrogance of govt sticking their nose into private enterprise. What I get from this artices i s that the govt is incompetent, not tariffs? If you or they are blaming tariffs please elaborate on exactly what tariffs and how this affected sales.

You have provided zero data or evidence that Trump's tariffs have caused any harm to dairy farmers. It looks like government centralized market dictates are the real issue. Of course dairy farmers have gone out of business with the over-supply of milk. Boeings problems continue to mount. Project Veritas released video that purportedly prove Google hopes to rig the election for Democrats.

Trump became the first sitting president to step into North Korea. Kim Jon Un accepted a last-minute invite from Trump. Xi will meet Trump at the G20, but if Trump wants a deal, China has preconditions including a ban lift on Huawei. Campaign "silly season" is officially underway.

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Here's a look at four hilarious videos. In a global comparison of year government bonds, three countries have negative-yields and France is on the cusp. Money Maven Home Global Economics A trio of major errors hit Wisconsin dairy farmers, but the last one, Trump's tariffs, was the final straw threw many Wisconsin farmers into bankruptcy.

Short-Term Pain Nonsense Trump pleads that it's short-term pain for long-term gain.