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I like having variety in my life, and rarely make the same dish twice. Breakfast is a different story though, and I typically opt for convenience over variation. With a whole stack of freeze dried fruit staring at me, and 2 shriveled passion fruits nearing the end of their useful life in the fruit bowl, the idea for this granola came together pretty quickly. Not happy with the status quo, I decided to infuse the granola itself with some tropical goodness.

To get the maximum saturation of flavour, I simply powderized the freeze dried fruit in a food processor before adding it to the oats along with the fresh passion fruit pulp. Then for some texture and extra flavour, I added whole pieces of freeze dried peaches after the granola had cooled. Recipe Rating. Hello, yummy granola!

Powderizing that fruit opens a whole realm of possibilities—stirring it into yogurt for frozen or not yogurt comes to mind. I went to space camp for one day when I was 10 or so. I was able to play with the anti-gravity machine. I was never able to try the freeze dried ice cream tho, but I did try freeze dried strawberries. It was pretty gross. They must have used off season, unripe strawberries. I drank tang, does that count, otherwise I too have been obsessed with food and really did not see it until I started writing about it…all those memories shoved into the corner of the brain?

I love my FULL of seeds.

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The pulverization of the freeze dried fruit is brilliant. It reminded me of something that I was thinking about earlier today.

Unfortunately I forgot what I was thinking about… Concerning. It reminded me of how people use ground chiles to cook and how I wanted to dry other types of vegatables and make them into powders and use them to cook. Your message has been sent! Your email will only be seen by the event organizer. Your Name. Email Address. You can grow P. Q In January last year we cut down a very old apple tree that dwarfed our garden.

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This summer our other fruit trees - Bramley and Cox's Orange Pippin apples and a Victoria plum - bore no blossom. Has cutting down the old tree caused this problem, and what do I have to do to ensure I have fruit next year? Mrs I. Cruse, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset A I can assure you that cutting down the old apple tree would have had no influence on the production of blossom on your other fruit trees.

That will have been affected by a combination of whatever pruning you may have done and by the weather. If your other two apple trees had not been in the same pollination group or adjacent group as each other, then it could have resulted in a failure to pollinate and set fruit.

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But they are both from group 3, so it should have no lasting effect. No comments have so far been submitted. A Variety of Passion Free download. But it seems that a lot of this information comes from far away places with different growing conditions and disease pressures, places like Australia, Kenya, and South America.

The only real experience I have here in Southern California that might counter it is with my own vines and those of friends. We planted our first passion fruit almost 10 years ago. Most years there was an abundance of these delicious fruits. It was perfect for privacy and shade. This past summer the leaves just turned brown and died. I have made passion fruit squares, shorbet, bread. I freeze them whole or the pulp.

How do they fare against the squirrels and rabbits? Yeah, those greedy squirrels and rabbits. If any neighborly squirrels show up — and they do every summer — I eliminate them immediately. Rabbits are ever present in my yard though.

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So I put chicken wire around those for the first year or so. Hi, Greg May I know how do you eliminate squirrels? We have the same headache. Thank you for your info ahead!! I simply trap them and then shoot them with a pellet gun. I am curious as to how you immediately eliminate your squirrel population!

They ate many immature avocados off my tree this summer and now they are enjoying the pecans in my pecan tree. We live in a neighborhood, so using a pellet gun is tough… only safe to do when we get a good, clean shot towards the ground. Zero for us. They took them before they were even ripe.

I shoot them with a pellet gun sometimes, but in terms of time, that is a very inefficient way to deal with them. Traps work best for me. I use a Havahart trap, which I bait with some kind of nut usually plums certainly work too! But once I have one trapped, I do then shoot it with my pellet gun. I now give the squirrel a shot to the head with my pellet gun, which kills it instantly if done right. Like I said, I hate doing this. Hi Greg, I also live in SoCal and would like to start reliable, delicious passion fruit vines.

My garden space is small but I would like to train them on an arched trellis over my two vegetable trugs. Would you consider selling me some rooted cuttings from your vines? Even stores in Southern California like Home Depot sell Frederick passion fruit vines, which are productive and tasty. You might try them if you have trouble getting one through a nursery.

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They searched several nurseries around the country, found one in Connecticut but they were sold out. So I bought one Frederick and am still on the hunt for Possum Purple. Keeping my fingers crossed!!! Hi Greg, I have two 4 year old Frederick passion vines in my yard. I heavily prune them every February and the new growth appears lush and healthy.

They are fertilized monthly and are on a drip irrigation system. The passion fruit vines started the spring in a soil moisture deficit. Greg, thanks for responding! Thanks for the great idea! I wanted another edible vine but not another grapevine. If I can find a vine, could I still plant in the fall—just to get the plant to take to the new spot?

Thanks for the great read! I want to grow some of these in Central California, zip Zone 9a.

Do you think I should use a shade cloth to help with summer heat? I think yours would do best with some minor shade. You could use shade cloth or plant to the east of a large tree or building. Greg, I have a one year old Frederick grown from a cutting. Flowered for the first time 2 and one held. Should I remove any fruit this year to encourage more growth?