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Perhaps its true for everyone — My best friend, a white male, still wants to go see his town in Ireland that has his last name, after his ancestors being in US for over years. Anyways, My basic point was that comparing race within US is apples to oranges, because the races which come to US — Indians, Chinese, Phillipines, even Europe — as first generation in 21st century are NOT representatives of that country.

Think about it. Because the US is so close ,it is much easier for a Mexican to swim across a river, than it is for a Filipino to swim the Pacific. For Hispanics US population approx. Generally the US only really allows smart people into the country. So the lions share of Asians that have immigrated to the United States there are about 15 Million already come with an education ex. Yes Mexico, and the US are part of the same continent, the only thing separating them is a man made border which is marked by the path of the Rio Grande, other than that it is the same land.

When I discovered that affirmative action was a thing, and a serious threat to me getting into a great college, I just worked harder. The times in my life when I knew that things would be easy for me were the times I actually stopped trying so hard, and got complacent. My financial goal is to have a net worth of 1 million USD by my 25th birthday. The real world is kind of brutal compared to college btw.

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Enjoy college while you can. I miss it. It seems many are teaching or work for a government agency — at a higher percentage than Whites and Asians. It is extremely rare to get any Hispanic or Black applicants. Indians are also included in the Asian category and overwhelmingly are either doctors, engineers or IT professionals. I just hired for a software engineering position, entry level, west coast. I got 34 applicants — 29 were Indian, 1 was Chinese, and 4 were apparently white US citizens.

I am a Millionaire! (Hint: It's not because of my bank account)

No hispanics or blacks. Probably of the applicants were women. Based on objective coding tests we hired an Indian woman, but she took a better offer about six weeks after accepting ours. So we ended up with our 2 choice, an Indian man. So the problem must start much earlier on. Insightful Anne. I wonder, maybe software engineering is simply not as interesting enough field for all folks?

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Your story shows how everything is a numbers game. And the numbers can be compared to population figures of certain areas or fields of study to see what the overages and underages are. Ann, You have hit the nail on the head. I wish the software companies would release the demographics numbers properly the way that you just did. Specifically in their grouping of the Asia category.

I believe the numbers are similar to what you just mentioned. Thank you! Important question — if we built net worth of a million together with my husband are we both now considered millionaires, or we need to devide it by half to consider individual net worth? Thank you very much in advance for your response.

If you are legally married, and have a household net worth of more than one million, the government considers you both millionaires. As an aside I wonder what heir definition of Asian is, in Europe for example Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi people would not show up as Asian, so I wonder if they do here. Realistically by this time of a persons life most people are in a partnership of some type. And reading any type of finance articles can push anybody to do the same thing.

As a black male apparently my chances are slim to none by these reports. I did have a good foundation family wise but a poor foundation environmental wise. Lucky for me I was able to leave that area when I went to college. Unfortunately for a lot of black people, if you arent an athlete or entertainer and dont go to college its next to impossible for a variety of reasons. Discrimination, bad environments, lack of equal opportunity all play a part. The problem is, change can be rough. If we all pass on our knowledge, how can we not help others achieve financial freedom sooner, rather than later?

This article and many of the comments exemplify exactly why diversity is so important. Without it we often get stuck in these siloed echo chambers where stereotyping becomes the accepted narrative. I have to ask, did you purposefully ignore the text of the Bloomberg article that you pulled these graphs from?

The article clearly states some reasons for the disparities based on findings from other studies:. Other studies during the last few decades have also shown that differing levels of access to education, homeownership, loans, inheritance and family assistance play a role.

Rags to Riches – 18 Inspirational Success Stories from People Who Made It Happen

Do we really have to wonder why there is an income disparity? A quick google search would have also revealed this article: washingtonpost. Check out the Wikipedia article on U. Or we can talk about how Blacks and Hispanics and women have higher student loan burdens, and how Blacks and Hispanics graduate with more student loan debt than Asians and Whites despite having a lower EFC than Asians and Whites. By the way, the high Asian EFC demonstrates that Asians as a generally have more familial wealth from the beginning and get more help from family during school.

You can find that study here: aauw. Yet somehow despite the wealth of information available on Google, the comments here went straight to the black marriage rate and lack of emphasis on education. I will take having to score higher to get into Harvard over having to worry about my son being killed any day. Do you find the article or the data offensive?

If so, can you point out the exact points you find offensive? I wrote my own interpretation of the data. Do you not see or hear it? Do you feel that the hurt an Asian person feels for being discriminated against is less hurtful than the hurt felt by other minorities?

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I dare not think so because all we know is how we feel. I was ready to fight and grabbed my knife as they grabbed theirs, but I thought better of it because I needed to get a job after college and I had already gotten in trouble. I like it this way because it helps remove biases and focuses on the content. Data is just data and I see a lot of it in my line of work. What troubles me is that you did not mention the data from several studies that talk about why the disparities exist for Blacks and Hispanics despite it being couched in the same article as the graphs you used in this post.

You could have briefly summarized the causes offered by the author and still gone on to add your thoughts without risking being accused of plagiarism.


I do think that systemic, government-perpetuated racism is worse than individual discrimination, yes. I think most of us will have stories about negative encounters based on our race heck, my white partner tossed out two of his own stories of fights with Blacks and Hispanics before leaving to take our daughter out to a RWBY screening. Or about the time when Philadelphia police came to my apartment and tried to open the door and come in without knocking all because there was a suspicious black man around the complex and they assumed I must be associated with him.

I own a handgun. I could have been killed that night if the door was unlocked and I had grabbed by gun to protect myself.