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Putting 500,000 people on planes

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Aquarius migrants arrive in Spain after rough week at sea

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Italians abroad up % from to - InfoMigrants

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Tirabassi, M. La meglio Italia. Turin: Accademia University Press. Vause, S. Personalised recommendations. The report highlighted the change and selected new categories of Italian migrants including mature unemployed migrants, migrant parents or grandparents rejoining family or people who chose to move abroad when they retire. Mature unemployed migrants, parents or grandparents rejoining family members abroad, people leaving again upon their return or pensioners who chose to live abroad are the new categories of Italians over 50 who have left the country over the past year, according to the report.

Over the past year, those who left Italy included youths The study said the majority of these migrants are unemployed ''mature unemployed migrants'' or still too young for retirement and in need of finding a job to support their family.

The Italian-American Experience PART I of IV

A plan for the passengers to be redistributed among other countries without having to land them in Lampedusa was also considered. There have been 25 standoffs between rescue vessels and Italian authorities since Salvini took office as interior minister in June , according to the Institute for International Political Studies Ispi. Given the medical and psychological condition of their passengers, the ships have often broken the blockade and allowed them to disembark without permission.

In almost all cases, this resulted in the temporary seizure of the ship and heavy fines. Carola Rackete, the captain of Sea-Watch 3, was arrested in June after forcing her way into Lampedusa with 40 migrants on board.