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Com Compatibility: Requires iOS 7. Free On itunes. Save your money 1.

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I have spent forever looking for a good app that just teaches plain biology without paying or subscribing or anything like that, this is definitely the one. It teaches you biology plain and simple, it especially breaks it down for you when your taking notes and has a great quiz test at the end of each one.

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This all seems good, I would even pay 10 for it IF it didn't crash every two seconds. Please fix it so I can practice my biology! Now I've seen a lot of apps and by far this might just be my favorite! I'm really interested in the human body and I've tried many things but this one is the best! It's got a lot of information on the human body so if you are really interested in the human body then you should try this and make sure you write a review and tell your friends so then other people can learn about this!

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