My Sissy Husband 3: Maid To Serve (My Sissy Husband Confesses)

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A close girlfriend of mine asked me if I would come over to her house one night and have cocktails with her while a man cleaned her house wearing a decked out French maid costume, right down to the high heels.

My Sissy Husband Confesses Series

They say they want to serve you, but when you state your expectations, they counter with their own terms. They waste my time, and my time is extremely valuable. I am not a mere Mistress. Get with the program, assholes! I went into this situation skeptical, but the fact that my girlfriend has very good taste was encouraging. She instructed him to arrive at pm, not a moment before or after.

He pulled up and parked at , and we were pleased to see him sit anxiously in the car until the right time. When he walked in, he was wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, and boots.

He was tall, muscular, and handsome. I was thrilled! Of course make sure its ok with boyfriends and husbands and family pets first. He shyly went upstairs to change into his costume. She and I were wearing matching polka dot dresses.

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When he came back down, I was blown away by how tall Sissy Maid was in those heels! His costume was very elaborate — in addition to the French maid uniform, he wore jewelry, mascara, sheer stockings held up by a satiny pink garter belt, a pink polka dot petticoat, and frilly panties. He looked so ridiculous! First, we had him pour us St. Germain cocktails. Then, she and I sat in the kitchen as he started cleaning. She had supplies laid out for him. Do a good job, Sissy Maid. Her husband had written mocking taunts directed at Sissy Maid on the stovetop and microwave with bathtub crayons.

He scrubbed those appliances until they shined! He respectfully asked us if we would take some pics of him for his girlfriend a vivacious burlesque performer as well as another woman whose house he cleans. She likes when he sends her pics of him working on other houses.

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The three of us had instant chemistry and got along famously! We ended up chatting our heads off about all kinds of kinky things! He had a stellar personality. He confessed to us that he had a cuckolding relationship with his girlfriend. In fact, while he was cleaning away, she had a man over right now, which excited him tremendously. He said the guy was a good friend of theirs and had been tested, so they could incorporate some nasty cumplay in their activities. At one point, he received a text from a woman.

He asked to excuse himself for a moment and went to the bathroom. She wants us on the same cycle, so every time she changes her tampon, she makes me follow suit. PS: I asked Sissy Maid about what happened when he got home from his cleaning gig. This is what he told me! The computer room is right outside to bedroom door. The slight slap of him fucking her became audible there after.

She told him to tell her when he was about to cum and the fuck noises became louder and louder there after. Then i heard him grunt and i knew he had came in her. I walked downstairs and waited on the couch.

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  • I heard her open the door and saw her walking down the stairs wearing red platform heels and nothing else. She walked over to me and told me to take out my little dick and smell what a real man smells like.

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    So i put my face down by her pussy and drew in long hard breaths. She told me to jerk off and lick it clean. So I laid down on the couch and she faced away from me and sat on my face rubbing back and forth and around in circles. Then i felt her loosen up and let his cum run out into my mouth.

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    I came right then and swallowed it all. About 45 mins later she came back down and began to kiss me….

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    I started jerking my little dick again, she walked away laughing. You have to bring something to the table and honestly respect women. You have to earn your place in the community. Get your maid to run out and fetch what you need, be it shampoo, champagne or shoes. Never miss the dry cleaning again. Have your own personal post out service. So many options. Personal services: At the end of a long day, it would be lovely to have a bath run, towels warmed, then afterwards, relax with a foot rub or a full body massage.

    Why continue wanting, when you can have. Your maid is at your service, use them. Party waiter: Waiter, butler, somelier. The submissive could and should be all of these things, as you need them. For visitors to your home, your maid should either take drinks orders, or wait to be told their preference, as is your wish. During day to day service, food and drink refreshments should regularly be offered to you anyway, as standard. For parties, particularly with other Mistresses in attendance, your maid should be on their very best behaviour as well as properly turned out.

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    Larger sizes of either the standard French maid or the sissy variations seem to only be in very niche stores, and then quite costly. Their shopping can be done either by themselves or with you in attendance, as an additional, humiliation exercise treat, if they resentfully love that idea. I would love to see more of the mainstream sex toy and lingerie shops stocking more alternative costumes, if possible.

    Got a maids dress for my boyfriend - for cleaning and serve :)

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