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Comparet's lessons allow Genesis to make sense.

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About the Anunnaki

There was confusion about pre-eden, the beings who would have killed Cain, who were intelligent enough to identify markings of those they should not kill. A catastrophe creating chaos, and a created safe place allowing a new type of man and woman to flourish, makes sense. A quake, triggering a valley wide sink-hole, slowly sinking and pressurizing the underground springs to spray high into the air and subsequently fall back down makes much more sense than what I've heard in traditional churches.

Such analysis does not renounce the existence of an angry, vindictive God. It simply shows how he may have flooded that area of land. Prove she didn't have goats hoofs and hairy legs. Show me in the bible where her and Solomon had sex too. John Smith He don't know what he's talking about.

On another video, this dummy said Makeda queen of Sheba and Solomon never had sex. On top of that, this clown said she was a nephilim. Yes, it's true the Caucasian has made every advancement on the planet. Today your people are still living in mud huts. You're also being truthful about blacks being here first. Even science agrees with that. Sub-Saharan African were here approx. Asians from the far east claim 40, years of history but, the bible says man Adam was created approx years ago.

The beasts of the field were created before Adam. How many beasts do you know that wear clothes, and have sex with white women? Is it history or his story! Funny how blacks are the original race of all human kind, but never have a place in history! But his story excludes everyone but the white European Cave dwellers! Who are solely responsible for everything progressive in the human race!

Everyone else has no value! Reporters: Jesus, Jesus?!?!?

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How does it feel to be exposed once again??? You have a lot of explaining to do. Where will you go from here?

Heidenhain LS Scale Sealing lips replacement

Was it worth it jesus? The laws of science mandate that the bloodline of Mary must be the only way to determine that of Jesus who was nourished in her womb by her blood which in turn became the cells that formed that which was born of her womb. It was all good right up to the last sentence.

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He just makes a jump to Biblical Israelites being various nations of white people, Japhethites. Thank you for your honest answer. You are truly a nasty racist imbecile. We are more alike than not.

All non african races have potential neanderthal genetic presence. Neanderthal had a bigger cranial capacity so probably smarter. That you think other races haven't used bombs and don't war or even take slaves proves you know little of history. Ebooks and Manuals

Have a look at Mugabe's reign if you think colour is related to evil. It's a ridiculous hypothesis that's simply untrue. That we beat you to advancements does not mean you would not have done the same with it. You would do well to balance up and see the positives you enjoy, or get off computers for a start. Sheeba Kitty U don't have any land! U are not fully human your dnA is of a beast Neantherdal dnA rh-factor the world would be better without you.. Your bombs wars diseases mind games u are the devil of the earth..

I should have thought it was "blatant".

march of the scythians from sargon ii to the fall of nineveh Manual

I first learned of him when he was on Red Ice Radio a few years ago. A different and more informed perspective. When Giants Break The Spell. Also England does not have a state religion, so technically it is not a christian state. It has headed forwards to religious tolerance of all belief systems as our social consciousness has improved and exited the dark ages and church repression.

I think most european countries have remembered the original liberty we had in ancient times before the alien abrahamic invasion and all its disastrous results. Thankfully europeans are progressive and will dump out moded concepts for more intelligent ones, as appears to be happening in reality. Some reuniting with their own ancestral mythos rather than someone else's. Whilst rejecting all this foreign mumbo jumbo about sky daddies we must not lose sight that we are spiritual.

Maybe know the songs of your own land, eh. So, can someone tell me how letting abrahamics into druid countries is currently benefiting the society as a whole? Janelle Mckinley. I meant own government in the sense that they are the government of this country rather than anything to do with me.

I thought this was blatant. Seeing as my one vote has never made a government yet. I am aware of the Rothschilds and also that the U.

Much more than documents.

There are lots of movers and shakers out there in the elites having undemocratic influence , I'm not sure of the relevance to the point , maybe you could expand your implication. But yes I am aware of the Rothschilds, thank you. I want nothing to do with your types no more save your arguments for rocks and sheep. I turn a cheek to things like this there is no point arguing with those stuck in square or coffin of literature God is a god wisdom only the wise have a good eye.

There you go i turn my cheek to nonsense like this. Actually the Book of Jasher. Noah was born reddish as in 1 Enoch. Michael exactly! MAY BE.. According to CDC studies blacks die from heat related illnesses in far greater numbers than whites. Furthermore whites have adaptive melanin you idiot.

We play in the sun and sunbathe. Blacks also die more because of skin Cancer. Over recent decades, there has been increased interest in the scientific literature about sub-populations susceptible to extreme heat. Yes, read my previous comment. The Romans called them Gauls and the Greeks called them Celts. History books as well as the bible tell us exactly who the Galatians are. Dror Ben Ami The Galatians, the Galileans, the Gauls, the Galacians, those of Galli, Gallia, are one and the same people, just used with a very slight different dialect pronunciation from different areas.

All Historical sources as well as the Bible agree very precisely in identifying them. Mary was from that tribe. Her father and Yeshua was from the tribe of Judah, who were of French descent. The Romans seized Jerusalem in 70 A. The hebrew name for Spain is "Sephardi. They were of European descent. And, how, pray tell, do you know that? I have heard three theories of who the Galileans were, none of which mentioned the tribe of Benjamin.

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