Science, Remote Viewing and ESP

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Remote Viewing With "The Expert" - How To Be A Psychic Spy

This generally involves an unfolding and expanding of a six stage process which involves the recording subtle impressions through words, sketches and diagrams onto paper. Ingo Swann under the help and experience of Hal Puthoff and the SRI team used himself and others as guinea pigs as they deconstructed his internal processing during an intuitive experience. Learning the art of Remote Viewing is like training for a martial art — it takes a combination of natural ability and many years or practice and dedication to become both confident and competent.

Remote Viewing is more like a mixture of very subtle senses and sensations; touch, sounds, smells, tastes and many more subtle impressions and feelings all working together to try to tell you what the target is. Remote Viewing is more like a gradual opening of an aperture or window to the target where each impression builds on the one before, slowly revealing the target to you as the aperture expands. Initially created to combat an expanding USSR psychic spying program.

During this time it went through continual oversight committees including independent scientific oversight, congressional oversight — yet it continuously managed to secure funding year on year for over 23 years.

All you need to do is follow the money — programs like this cant pass oversight if results are not met — and clearly they were for over 23 years of funding and approval. Remote Viewing has now grown into a Global civilian remote viewing community with the original military and intel remote viewers teaching this mental martial art, and so on with their students.

Russell Targ: Remote viewing and the US government | Mark Gober - Keynote Speaker & Author

There is also an expanding base of companies offering remote viewing services to paying clients. Eight martinis Magazine is about sharing remote viewing news, articles, papers and explorations form many of the its global practitioners. You must be logged in to post a comment.

A describes Remote Viewing as: Remote Viewing RV is the acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance or shielding, and generally believed to be secure against such access. Langford Remote viewing was created and developed primarily within science laboratory environments.

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Proper remote viewing is done within these strict science-based protocols of; The remote viewer is kept unwitting of either the nature or identity of the target until after the session is completed BLIND. Had they gone completely crazy or was there some proof that it actually worked?

The US Government decided to collect as much evidence as they could on Stargate. If remote viewing was real, they wanted to know about it. Reports were made each year on the RV data collected, and ongoing funding was approved every six months by the Senate and House select committee. Success rates were never relayed to the psychic spy, so as not to damage confidence in their RV abilities. Stargate was really a last resort for the military. It would only send a mission to a psychic spy when all other intelligence was exhausted.

However, at its peak, the project used around 22 remote viewers. Any information gathered had to be verified by another source. They couldn't act on the remote viewing data alone - it was never deemed foolproof. In the project was transferred to the CIA. It concluded that ESP - and especially precognition - was proven to exist. The other report said it was too early to tell, and nothing should be assumed. No longer restricted by the US Government's top secret status, the psychic spies of the Stargate Project became famous.

They wrote books, made wild claims in one instance, remote murder and created their own research programmes. Skip Atwater says be careful who you listen to: some of them are just cashing in on the Stargate Project, trying to make money with sensationalist claims of psychic powers. The genuine ones tend to reject labels like "psychic" or "clairvoyant" - they just want to explore the nature of consciousness and its interaction with the subatomic world.

In the beginning, the developers called it Coordinate Remote Viewing CRV , because they had to focus on specific target coordinates to know where to go.

Science, Remote Viewing and ESP

This also fitted in nicely with its military applications. So when you see these terms flying about the net, they are all referring to the same thing. RV proponents believe that the ability to see across time and space is something we can learn all learn, just like a new language. It is not a psychic gift or supernatural power, but rather a technology that we can all harness.

Its status among wishy-washy "psychic warriors" outrages professional RVers to this day, who are amazed to meet psychics, channelers, spoon benders, dowsers, UFOers, and many more "alternative types" at RV conferences. They claim the world has misinterpreted this technology as mere pseudo-science. According to these professional RVers, it takes years to learn how to remote view and improve your accuracy.

However, they are also on a mission to make it accessible to the general public, so the first thing they recommend doing is learning to meditate, in order to put your mind in the optimum state for remote viewing. I am a massive fan of meditation and its powerful effects on relaxing and healing the mind and body. It is also superb practice for lucid dreaming. I can't recommend it enough! So if you want to learn more about remote viewing, start with meditation - I'm all for it! Here is a step-by-step guide to test the idea of remote viewing for yourself.

Perform a meditation routine to relax and clear your mind of busy thoughts and images. Spend at least 10 minutes on this. Gaze into the blackness of your closed eyelids and when an image pops up, gently push it out the way. You want to create a blank movie screen on which RV images will be projected. A target can be a set of coordinates, a place name, a photograph, an object, or a stock ticker - anything that you can focus on specifically. I've created three random remote viewing targets below for this experiment. Once you have accessed a relaxed altered state of consciousness, you are ready to begin.

Repeat your target in your mind. Note down any colors, shapes or movement that come to mind. The first few images come from your imagination, so ignore them.

Remote Viewing Challenges Scientific Fundamentals

Pay attention to the ones that persist. If you can identify the object, then it's your imagination and not the RV target, so ignore it and look for something else.

Sketch any shapes and patterns. Now reveal your RV target - how did you do?

An image can be composed of colors, textures and movements. You may also pick up on unknown elements outside the photo. To test your RV skills, I have created three photo targets right. They are numbered, to eliminate any potentially subliminal alpha-codes. Next time you are meditating deeply, think about any of these targets and note down your thoughts straight after.

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