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You look like you just stepped off a magazine cover. A wavy spot in the old mirror bent her reflection out of shape. Evie stuck out her lower lip and blew air up to lift her red curls off her forehead.

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Leaning closer to the mirror, she carefully patted them back into place. Not something passed down, but a new one right out of the store. Something both you and Mike could enjoy. Kate grabbed a folded newspaper off the dresser to fan Evie. It was extra hot for September. Another reason Evie was cross.

Evie had planned everything out to the last detail for a perfect wedding day. Finally Kate warned her how people might talk if she showed up at the altar with bloodshot eyes. Evie leaned closer to the mirror and rubbed her finger across her nose, then touched a flecked spot on the mirror. President Roosevelt telling us how bad things are.

But true.

Small Town Girl A Novel

You know the Germans have surrounded Leningrad now. The Nazis occupying France and Poland. Ships going down. It was always a relief when Graham Lindell came in the store talking about how many hits Joe DiMaggio was up to now, just so they could think about something besides the war news. She raised her arms and lifted her veil to cool her neck.

How can a piece of material with a thousand holes in it be so hot? Your hair looks great. As always.

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Kate pulled the veil out away from Evie to fan her neck. She really was beautiful. And according to her mood, or so Carl Noland was always telling her. Everybody, including Carl, thought they were a couple. Everybody except Kate, that is. Some of her friends thought she and Evie should have had a double wedding. Carl had a good job with the post office. Kate was already nineteen. So why wait? Except Kate was never going to say yes to Carl Noland. Way long enough to know the whole idea was hopeless. And she did know it.

Had known it since she was sixteen. By then, Mike and Evie had been dating for a year. Ah, Kate. How sweet.

The Headmistress of Rosemere

He put his arm around her shoulders. Nothing serious. Or how her heart was breaking.

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Tell her what? He had tightened his arm around her shoulders for a few seconds. Even now after so many years, Kate flushed when she thought about that conversation. She flapped the paper at herself to cool her face. Evie stepped away from Kate so that the veil settled back in a soft cloud over her hair and neck. No, no. A girl has to have a veil to be a real bride. She swished her skirt back and forth.

Instead she looked near tears again as she appealed to Kate. Do I really look pretty? Kate threw her hands out wide. You look gorgeous.

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Absolutely, completely gorgeous. Mike is going to melt when he sees you coming down the aisle. Evie hugged Kate. Carefully, so as not to wrinkle either of their dresses.

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Thank you, Kate. Evie moved back to give Kate the once-over. It makes your eyes look very mysterious. Mysterious Kate. Kate smoothed down the chiffon skirt of her dress.

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It was way too fancy even for church. A few years ago there would have been no way she would have ever gotten a dress to wear one time only, but Evie wanted a wedding like the ones she read about in the magazines. Mama had been sewing for months to have new dresses for all of them. Her mother had looked at the flowing skirt and poufy sleeves and said maybe Kate could wear it to a dance sometime.

She was smiling as she raised her eyebrows at Kate. Carl better watch out. Evie looked back at the mirror to adjust a curl peeking out of her veil. Handsome then. In a devil-may-care way. Jay Tanner was good-looking with his wavy black hair and deep brown eyes. No doubt he was a charmer. One thing about Kate. She had always been sensible.