The Compassionate Buddha

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Accomplishing the accumulation of merit and insight is like having omniscience itself in the palm of your hand.

The teachings of the compassionate Buddha

Therefore, since compassion is the only root of omniscience, you should become familiar with this practice from the very beginning. Strive at first to meditate upon the sameness of yourself and others.

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In joy and sorrow all are equal; Thus be guardian of all, as of yourself. The hand and other limbs are many and distinct, But all are one--the body to kept and guarded. Likewise, different beings, in their joys and sorrows, are, like me, all one in wanting happiness. This pain of mine does not afflict or cause discomfort to another's body, and yet this pain is hard for me to bear because I cling and take it for my own.

And other beings' pain I do not feel, and yet, because I take them for myself, their suffering is mine and therefore hard to bear.

Buddhism and Compassion

And therefore I'll dispel the pain of others, for it is simply pain, just like my own. And others I will aid and benefit, for they are living beings, like my body. Since I and other beings both, in wanting happiness, are equal and alike, what difference is there to distinguish us, that I should strive to have my bliss alone? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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In general, contemporary scholars, translators and interpreters have consistently translated the word as "compassion," not "pity. Thanissaro Archived at the Wayback Machine The "four directions" refer to east, south, west and north. Similarly, the post-canonical Visuddhimagga , chapter IX, vv.

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  4. Snow Lion Publications. He encouraged them to debate and argue, to challenge him. His Holiness the Dalai Lama : "Buddha said my followers should not accept my teaching out of devotion but rather your own experiment. Even Buddha himself in order to get final enlightenment needs hard work. So investigate based on reason but through logical investigation.

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    Ho Family Foundation. Compassion Compassion stirred the Buddha to send his monks out into the community. Wandering monk with alms bowl David Grubin Productions View Larger "Go forth, monks, for the happiness of the many, out of compassion for the world There are beings whose eyes have little dust on them, who will perish if they do not hear the teaching.

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    6. But if they hear the teaching, they will gain liberation. What is burning?

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      The eyes are burning. Everything seen by the eyes is burning. The ears are burning. Everything heard by the ears is burning.

      The teachings of the compassionate Buddha

      The nose is burning. Smells are ablaze. The tongue is burning. Tastes are ablaze.

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      The body is burning. The mind is burning. I can teach in detail.