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A few days into his hospitalization, FBI agents showed up on the unit to arrest the patient. We can think of distortions of reality as falling along a continuum, ranging from mild to severe, based on how rigidly the belief is held and how impervious it is to factual information. On the milder end, we have what psychiatrists call over-valued ideas.

On the severe end of the continuum are delusions.

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These are strongly held, completely inflexible beliefs that are not altered at all by factual information, and which are clearly false or impossible. A patient who inflexibly believes that Vladimir Putin has personally implanted an electrode in his brain in order to control his thoughts would qualify as delusional.

When the patient expresses this belief, he or she is not lying or trying to deceive the listener. It is a sincerely held belief, but still a falsehood.

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For example, you are absolutely certain you sent that check to the power company, but in fact, you never did. A much more serious type of false memory involves a process called confabulation : the spontaneous production of false memories, often of a very detailed nature. Some confabulated memories are mundane; others, quite bizarre.

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  • Or, the person may insist she was abducted by terrorists and present a fairly elaborate account of the fictional ordeal. Confabulation is usually seen in the context of severe brain damage, such as may follow a stroke or the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain. Finally, there is falsification that many people would call pathological lying, and which goes by the extravagant scientific name of pseudologia fantastica PF.

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    Writing in the Psychiatric Annals, Drs. Although the precise cause or causes of PF are not known, some data suggest abnormalities in the white matter of the brain — bundles of nerve fibers surrounded by an insulating sheath called myelin. Even more worrisome, the general public seems to have an appetite for falsehood. And when this magical transformation of reality occurs, whether in a political or scientific context, it becomes very difficult to reverse. Psychiatrists are not in a position to comment on the mental health of public figures they have not personally evaluated or on the nature of falsehoods sometimes voiced by our political leaders.

    Nevertheless, psychiatrists are keenly aware of the all-too-human need to avoid or distort unpleasant truths. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Pies , Tufts University.

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    We stood face-to-face as I leaned my hip against the granite kitchen counter. He scowled. Everything about you is my business. About Sedona Venez Sedona Venez is a romance author with a dirty mind. Your email address will not be published.

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      Twisted Lies

      Lives are destroyed, and old wounds resurface. It changes everything. Can Sin trust Core? Like this: Like Loading